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The Laws that Labour and Greens have brought in support big Pharma.
But damage the rights of democracy, free speech, LGB, families and Women.
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These laws cause harm to Australians and increase state over-reach into our lives.
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Hence why Labour and Greens are demonising women. Because WOMEN from all demographics are striving to put back sex-based rights to stop the erasure of the normal democratic rights of us ALL.
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There should be no special classes removing the rights of others, to grab additional 'rights' for themselves over and above the equal rights they already enjoy.

1) The harms of self-Identification will have significant impact on the following:

  • Single sex spaces; prisons, schools, toilets, change rooms and high-security hospital;

    • We are now seeing male rapists put in with Australian female prisoners, of whom over 75% have been sexually abused and suffer stress and anxiety from the threat of further abuse. Prison leadership, at the request and direction of institutions like Queensland Human Rights Commission,  have spent years trying to make incarceration spaces trauma informed. This is all discarded when males are included in the space, and all parties well know this.  Not only that, Australia’s commitment to the Mandela Rules, and arguably, UN rules regarding torture during incarceration, are also contravened by the placement of males in the female prison estate. Why was this not discussed in the ‘Statement of compatibility’ lodged by the Attorney General?  

    • Women, children and the elderly have particular same sex needs around intimate care, due to dignity, dependency and vulnerability. It is essential that same sex care be placed into the Anti-discrimination Act, not all amenities for this removed via self-identification legislation. The Queensland legislature must recognise there are instances where same sex care is essential for safety, privacy and dignity. The privacy requests of some who wish to hide their sex from others must not ever override the bodily autonomy, safety and safeguarding of others. 

    • Disabled people may require same-sex intimate care again due to dependence;

    • In practice a fully intact bearded male can be where women and children disrobe, can be legally protected to indecently expose himself.

    • Sex specific medical screening service;

    • People with learning disabilities may struggle to cope with rapidly changing social conventions such as ‘misgendering’;

    • High levels of violence and sexual abuse are mitigated with the removal of males, regardless of how they identify from women only spaces.

    • Child protection and safeguarding;

  • Short-listed-spots; sex-specific awards and bursaries;      

    • Sexism and sexist discrimination is a huge problem in Australia, short-listed spots go some way to re-address the balance. We have seen however males take these spots and women are put second, again to males.

    • A recent report into the status of women’s equality in Australia: Australia's gender pay gap is 22.8%. Women, on average earn, $26,596 less than men each year. Men are twice as likely to be in the top earning bracket and women are 1.5 times more likely to be in the lowest

    • Underrepresentation in political and economic positions is lessened as men further positions of influence and power.

  • Single Sex Sports

    • Women lose the right to exclude male-bodied people from women’s sports, even where including males’ risks injury for females. We lose the right for fair competition for women, as women's rights are subsumed beneath the demands of trans-identifying males even where there is overwhelming evidence that male inclusion is in opposition to the interests of women and girls.

    • We impact the health and the benefits of sports for young girls, with the impact of learned helplessness, when they realise no matter how hard they work, the playing field is weighted towards males winning, hence they self-exclude. When girls and women realise they have no potential for competition, or safety, they will self-select out, leaving the field. This is the opposite of what sports organisations have worked for decades to achieve.

  • Race & Religion

    • How will the rights of cultural groups, for whom single-sex spaces are particularly important, be upheld? i.e., Aboriginal, Muslim and Jews? We already know that women of some backgrounds will self-exclude. Why does not the Attorney General also know this?

    • The implementation of a process of self-declaration of legal sex will disproportionately affect people from religious backgrounds for whom single-sex spaces are particularly important

    • There are people who believe that gender is a social construct, and that gender identity is not innate or real. How will their rights to assert this fact be upheld?

    • There are many who do not believe in ‘gender identity ideology’ but see it as a regressive, sexist and homophobic set of ideas with no grounding in reality or objectivity. Should there be legislation that enforces belief and coerces speech upon those who do not believe? 

  • The right of association

    • Women lose the right for women to meet in order to debate, organise, advocate, and campaign for female specific interests, without risk of harassment, violence, prosecution or loss of income.

  • Women’s services,

    •  The commissioning of sexual and domestic violence support services, including those for prostituted women;

    • People with PTSD including women survivors in relation to male violence and their right to a single sex recovery space or counsellor.

  • Data collection results in data corruption, especially for health, crime, political participation, and STEM programs.

    • Women lose the right to have male crime recorded as male crime, it means journalists falsely report male committed crimes as female. It also means that male perpetrated crime is recorded and reported as being committed by women, when that is not the case. How can we address male violence when some male violence is mislabelled as ‘female’.

    • Elimination of data collection of sex-based inequalities.

    • Elimination of data on the impact of male criminals on women prisoners, hiding the harm and impact of vulnerable women in support of state-sanctioned ideology, that in effect supports state-sanctioned rape.

  • Sexual Orientation. In Australia there has been an impact on one’s right to express one’s sexuality as same sex.

    • There are attacks on lesbians who are asserting their rights as protected group to be same sex attracted;

    • There is ostracization of lesbians from the LGBT community and their demonisation as 'sexual racists';

    • The erasure of their sexual identity and nomenclature;

    • The demand on lesbians to consider male-bodied people as sexual partners (‘stigmatising homosexuality in women);

    • The substitution of ‘gender’ for ‘sex’ which directly impacts on the protected characteristic of lesbian and gay men and their right to same sex relationships.


Sex based rights exist to address some of these problems. Any change to the law that effectively changes the definition of who pertains to which sex group, has the potential to undermine efforts to advance women’s equality, the recognition of homosexuality and rights of protection and safeguarding of children.

2) The removal of parental rights of care for state supported fringe ideology. Parents in the states of Western Australia and Victoria, have seen the removal of their sons and daughters by the state for disagreeing with what has become a state sanctioned ideology. This has been devastating to families and is an abhorrent state overreach of power, to divide families.


If you are standing up for Moira write a letters to Victoria's Liberal MPs. If you are standing up for democracy, write to your MP, regardless of political persuasion. 



A LGB Defence project 

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