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1. The Queensland self-id law advances the interests of one group in the community whilst having a harmful impact upon a much larger group in the community that will not benefit from this bill. That is women & girls in general.

2. It will make it unlawful to exclude natal males who have registered a female sex (and whose birth certificate will now declare them to be female, because this would involve discriminating against them on the basis of their sex characteristics.

3. Because of the interaction between this Bill and the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991. Women’s sports organisations that run contact sports will have to risk either breaching the law or expose their female participants to an unacceptable risk of serious injury.

4. (pp. 16-20) The bill will have an adverse impact on minors and adolescents who have neurobiological disorders, LGB & Autistics labelled and treated as 'trans’ or are mentally very unwell and who may embrace a transgender identification to gain notice or popularity.

5. Legal registration as a sex other than a minor's natal sex may concretise what would otherwise be a transient & relatively harmless identification beneath the broad transgender umbrella. This is stage 1 in schools social transitioning GNC kids

6. (see pp. 3-8) This BDMR draft legislation has chosen the most radical expression of a self-id law that is imaginable.  It allows for an ‘acknowledgement of sex’ rather than for registration of a gender identity that is incongruent with the person’s sex

7. QLD is bringing this BDMR legislation forward at the very time when the serious harms to vulnerable children, adolescents and young adults that result from the ideas being advanced by a tiny minority of LGBTQ+ advocates are becoming increasingly clear. - Puberty Blockers harmful & experimental | Lost In Transition

8. The Queensland government is fully embracing the most radical views of a small number of LGBTQ+ activists at the very time when these ideas are being rejected by many European nations


9. Explanatory Notes cite the Yogyakarta Principles on the Application of International Human Rights Law in relation to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity as support for these amendments. The Yogyakarta Principles were drawn up by self-selected activists in non-govt. org.s.


10. The  Yogyakarta Principles have never been agreed by the governments of the United Nations and cannot be said to have any formal legal status in international law. /10



 1. The decision to treat gender (identity) recognition as an ‘acknowledgement of sex’. The replacement of sex with gender identity. And all that entails e.g. reality based observations vs internal subjective feelings.

2. Gender identity for most is transitory.  The decision to allow changes to birth certificates in accordance with a 'gender identity', a subjective internal sense of self or feeling of who you are that is subject to change, whereas sex is immutable and cannot be changed. Allowing people in particular minors to change their birth certificates & legal status when their change of identity is more likely transitory, resolved through the completion of puberty, is not sensible public policy
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3. The decision to provide that a self-chosen 'sex identity' takes effect in principle for all purposes in Queensland law. How exactly are some 90+ gender identities accommodated in law?  e.g 'genderqueer', 'non-binary', 'pan-sexual' etc.

List of gender identities - Wikipedia

4. The effects that the Queensland BDMR Bill will have on the application of other laws based upon sex, particularly because of its interaction with the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991. 

5. The damage that will be done from giving legislative support social transitioning vulnerable kids who have experienced child abuse, family dysfunction and suffer from various psychiatric comorbidities. As well as strengthening the school pipelining of GNC kids to big pharma Read further

( Information on the pipelining of kids through our Australian school system go here:
Information on the medicalisation of youth, detransitioning, social/medical & surgical transitioning go here:  and


Policies that embed gender identity ideology into law and promote the transitioning of youth.

Please, please every day Australians  write a letter before January 11 to the Legal Affairs and Safety Committee, details here:

And in much more in depth, it's given the damage to woman across all aspects of our lives. This is a hideous, bastard of a bill


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