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ABC misrepresentation of the Let Women Speak event on March 18, 2023, Melbourne

Submission to the ABC Complaints Mechanism

Original submitted by Catherine Anderson-Karena, on 3 May 2023 (The following updated 30/5/2023)


Although, ABC had no reporter at the scene at the Let Women Speak event March 18, 2023, nor did it interview any participants, organisers of the event; Moira Deeming or Angie Jones, or the main draw card at the event Kellie-Jay Keen, ABC has promoted the narrative through all its channels; news radio, current affairs radio, TV news, the website and radio national that the organisers and the participants were associated with the Neo-Nazis that showed up.


Furthermore, the narrative that participants were affiliated with either far right, or fascist, and/or were promoting a violent narrative at the event to incite hatred or violence towards transgender people.


It needs to be noted that:


  • Violence committed against women participants and members was not reported on or filmed by ABC or other mainstream media.

  • The fact that no violence was committed by the women at the event was not reported.

  • The fact that no incitement of violence or hate was directed at the anti-trans people was presented in the speeches of the women at the event. As can be seen by the accompanying transcripts and the end to end YouTube coverage of the event.

  • The violence of the trans-rights-activists and Neo Marxists (red flag wavers) was not shown.

  • No participant or organiser has been spoken to, till this day 30/05/23.

  • ABC has supported the two most powerful politicians (Daniel Andrews and John Pesutto) in Victoria in their public accusations against private citizens of Nazism and extreme right wing fascism without giving any of those citizens right of reply. Nor was there any consideration given of the consequences to those women of being branded as ‘Nazis’, Australia wide by a tax-payer funded media.

  • ABC has defamed the organisers and participants at the Let Women Speak event to their detriment.

  • The fact that the police allowed/led the Neo-Nazis to the parliamentary steps has not been reported on, or why the Nazis were allowed to salute on the parliamentary steps.

  • Or why the police did not stop violent acts against the Let Women Speak participant just prior to the start of the event.

  • Or why didn’t ABC interview the police on their actions? There appeared to be Nazi friendly cops, i.e., one of the Neo-Nazis has a father on the police force. Thomas Sewell reported on his Telegraph account that the Sergeant tried to shake his hand.


As a direct result of ABC’s narrative, we have seen MP Moira Deeming expelled from the Liberal party room, she has reported threats to herself and family, including a trespasser on her property. We have a woman removed from a charity she started; Juanita Morgan of Greyhound rescue. Holly Lawford-Smith is being subject to a poster campaign to lose her job via discouraging students to attend her courses labelled as a ‘fascist’ or ‘nazi’. Loss of friends due to alleged Nazi association, direct threats and social media threats of violence and death. (Please see Appendix).

Given the escalation of trans rights activist violence against those they perceive as Gender Critical, as we saw in Tasmania, Auckland, New Zealand, LWS twitter accounts and gender critical accounts have been put on a hit list, and a call for ‘trans vengeance’ from the trans community. 


ABC showed discrimination against women, in providing only one perspective, that favoured the Andrew’s government’s narrative. The Andrews government brought in the laws that have discriminated and harmed women, that the women are protesting. There was no consideration that Andrews demonising the women and associating women with Nazis may be a political move to silence dissent.

In essence my criticism is that ABC has acted as a state funded mouthpiece for the government and the trans lobby which it funds through its membership of ACON. It has abdicated from its role to hold the government and politicians accountable for its actions against the public and is engaging in propaganda.  The ABC’s complete lack of balance in reporting means that it is failing to cover legitimate policy debate like; How do children give informed consent to medicalised transition. Why are male rapists allowed in Victorian women’s prisons, why can’t lesbians meet without the presence of men.

In this document, we will provide proof of the following:



We have questions for the ABC.

An overview of the Let Women Speak event 

Transcripts of the women’s speeches: 

End to End videos of the event: 

Testimonies of Let Women Speakers and listeners on why they went to the event. 

Testimonies on the impact of ABC’s actions. 

The defamatory statements made by ABC’s staff & media coverage. 

We have questions for the ABC.

  1. Why did ABC not distinguish between the women and the Nazis? Why did they just roll them up into one group e.g., see Karvelas reports.

  2. How does the Nazi placement on the parliament steps not support Dan Andrew’s and ABC’s narrative that anyone not supporting Gender Identity laws are fascist, right wing, Nazi.

  3. Why did the ABC later not talk to Moira Deeming or Angie Jones about what she actually saw or experienced?

  4. The police were quoted as saying there were several groups. For example, the Nazis were next to the Freedom Group speaking on the protection of children, who separated the Nazis and the Let Women Speak Event in the beginning. Why did the ABC say the Nazis were connected to the women, when until the police led them up the stairs, they were by the Freedom Rally ‘protect children’ banner group?

  5. Why was the links to the Nazi influence in the police force not questioned, i.e., the Neo-Nazi son of a policeman   who unlike the others wore no mask?

  6. Did anyone at the ABC ask the police why they let the Nazis through? Particularly as one of the police’s son’s was a member of the group, we would assume that they knew who these men were. Particularly as the police were in breech of a 'Deed of Release', that allowed no hate acts to be permitted on the parliament steps?

  7. Were Nazi’s given a permit to protest as was required of the Let Women Speak event, if so, why were Nazis allowed that permit, and if they were not, why were they not immediately marched off?

  8. Why did the ABC not report that the women felt very threatened when they realised that the group was Nazi?

  9. There are no photos or video footage of the women with the Nazis so why did the ABC report that they were associated?

  10. Why does ABC’s coverage not accurately describe the events?

  11. The women were very clear that they are about protecting women’s sex based rights. Why does the ABC say that means they are anti-trans, i.e., inciting hatred of trans? Can the ABC explain why demanding protection of sex based rights for women means they are exciting violence or hatred towards trans identifying men? E.g., removal of male rapists from women’s prisoners, males from girl’s changing rooms, etc.

  12. Can the ABC demonstrate that its ACON membership has no influence on editors or journalists and how they think about and/or report about this issue?

  13. Can the ABC demonstrate that its ACON membership has no influence on either David Anderson or Ita Buttrose and fellow board members and how they think about this issue and how it is reported?

  14. Can Mr Anderson and Ms Buttrose explain how any of the ABC’s coverage of this event – and in particular Sarah Ferguson and Patricia Karvelas’ reporting – meets the ABC’S editorial standards of impartiality when no ABC journalist has ever spoken to any of the people (women and men) who attended the let women speak rally?

  15. Can ABC editors, Ms Ferguson and Ms Karvelas explain how they have met the ABC’s editorial standards of accuracy, fairness and impartiality when they have never sought to speak to any of the people who attended the let women speak rally and have never sought to verify any facts beyond hearsay from people who weren’t there and an unverified, Wikipedia-sourced ‘dossier’?

  16. Why has the ABC never reported on any detransitioner?

  17. The ABC did not cover the let women speak protest in Queensland and it did not send a journalist or a camera operator to the Victorian rally. can you please explain what changed and why did this move the ABC to cover the Victorian story?

  18. if there was no editorial or journalistic interest in the story prior to Nazi involvement please explain why not.

  19. if you were interested in the story prior to the Nazi involvement, why did you not send a journalist or a reporter?

  20. Why has the ABC not reported on the Greens’ refusal to expel a Trans activist on the Greens executive who has posted pro-Nazi material, pro paedophilia material and rape material on their social media accounts?

    Using Sarah Ferguson’s view of things, this is a directly comparable example to her hammering away at Pesutto over his refusal to expel Moira Deeming. Why has neither Ms Ferguson nor Ms Karvelas interviewed Greens leader Adam Bandt or his Victorian state equivalent about their failure to eject a pro-nazi, pro-paedophile, pro-rape senior member of the party? The ABC reported on federal Labour’s ejection of CFMMEU leader, John Setka for his violence against his partner. why not ask the greens about their pro-Nazi member?


An overview of the Let Women Speak event up till the arrival of the Nazi on the steps and directed off the parliamentary steps using the available footage of the day.

  • We understand from Angie Jones, Let Women Speak Event was the only side to apply for and hold a permit to be present on the steps of the Parliament of Victoria. They represent women from all religions and none, retired, disabled, single, married, employed, unemployed, young, old, same and opposite sex attracted, indigenous, immigrant, and non-immigrant women of many ethnicities and economic classes. The common ground was women’s sex-based rights.

  • The organisers had liaised with Victoria Police for weeks prior and into the morning of 18th March. They organised security, insurance, sound equipment, banners, first aid and they did so around their usual roles and employment. They organised themselves to arrive in groups well before the start because they were aware of the inevitable counter-protests.

  • Key organisers were: Angie Jones, Australian women of Jewish descent, her grandmother was a holocaust survivor. MP Moira Deeming, A Māori woman, who was raised by her Mother, and Uncle a Jewish holocaust survivor, and her Aunt.

  • The Nazis were not identifiable, they came from the west about 11 am, and were halted before the Freedom Group rally that was speaking on protecting kids and the influence of pharma. After a time, a number of the TRA and Neo Marxists (red flaggers) ran the back streets and blocked the Nazi off from the direction they came from. The police brought forward horses and kept the two groups separate. Both sides engaged in postering and verbal altercation, and the Nazi did the Nazi salute. So, at that point the police were aware that these men were Neo-Nazis.

  • 10:45 the women had already set up. A participant from Let Women Speak noted a scuffle between some counter-protestors and the female marshals at the bottom of the step shortly after. The police had told the women that if the activists arrived first and seized the steps first, they could, or would (not sure which) not move them on, despite the women having a permit to be there. The marshals were indignant that the police did not intervene as the assault occurred in full view of dozens of Victoria police who had lined up on the first level of steps.
    ( )

  • Shortly before 11am a second scuffle broke out, this time near the top of the steps the women were allowed on and within inches of the police line. The activists had thrown water or some other substance on the marshals.

  • About 10 minutes after Kellie-Jay Keen and Moira Deeming arrive, two TRA pull a ‘birthing stint’ of imaginary non-binary child, about 12.10 pm.

  • About 12.30, the Nazis took to the steps of Parliament unchallenged by the police within 5 minutes of the beginning of the Women’s Event. It was here that the media mobbed the nazis for a photoshoot at the same time a TRA man dressed as a woman grabs the microphone at the Let Women Speak event. A woman was knocked unconscious, and the event was distracted for about 14 minutes.

    VIDEO: On the Facebook:
    (Clip: )
    50.37 Nazis begin to walk up steps
    50.51 begin unfurling banner
    51.03 banner is pulled straight
    51.03 A TRA plants attack #LetWomenSpeak - microphone is grabbed, he begins shouting TWAW mantra.
    TRA plant kicks and hits out at the women, they fight to remove him and another TRA woman. One of the Let Women Speak women (Alex) is knocked to the ground unconscious. The Nazis are on the steps for 14 minutes 4 seconds. During that time the Let Women Speak were dealing with the TRA and organising the ambulance, women close in closer to the speakers and the Marshalls hold hands around the group.
    Then Nazis are guided away by police past TRAs and Antifa. The Nazis were on the upper steps for 14m 4seconds.

  • It should be noted that Angie Jones had asked the police earlier in the day to stand higher on the steps and they were told ‘no’. But the police aware that the men in black were Nazi allowed them on the steps.

  • The NAZIs walk off the steps and the police direct them (not back in the direction they arrived) but east past the women and past the TRA and Neo Marxists (red flag wavers).

  • It should be noted that the only violence that day was done by the TRA, including two being arrested, knocking a person unconscious, punching horses, throwing cans at LWS speakers, throwing water, kicking and hitting.


Transcripts of the women’s speeches:

  • ABC through its media outlets continually accused the Let Women Speak of fascism, incitement to violence and hatred towards Trans. Here are the transcripts of every talk at that event.

ABC’s accusations are false.

End to End videos of the event:

  1. From Stone the Crow ‘Melbourne let women speak 18/3/23“:



0:00 - introduction

5:15 - Stone the Crone talks about TRA’s invading steps before KJK. Shows footage of TRA’s wearing masks.

24:23 - Line of police in middle of road in a similar stance to the Nazi’s.

27:31 - Police still in line. People walk along behind police with large banner (just like Nazi boys did).

45:46 - KJK comes on.

47:22 - Deeming leaves KJK on steps and walks LWS off screen.

50:52 – A male towards Moira.

54:23 - 55:29. Moira facing camera with back to the left of the rally.
First Interaction with the TRA:

59:03 - TRA squats in front of camera to ‘give birth’.

59:35 - Moira places large umbrella in front of woman giving birth.

1:22:48 - Can see people in black in far distance behind where Kath and Moira stand.
Second Interaction with TRA:

1:07:54 TRA man with a wig goes into screen to grab microphone. (Note in the scuffle, Alex knocked out cold, needed to be taken to the hospital)

1:11:36 Underneath Women Need Single Sex Changerooms sign, you can see boys in black in background (RHS)

1:12:59 Notice that the LWS participants and audience is facing inward, as the camera pans around.


b) LET Women SPEAK: Kelli Jay Keen (Posie Parker) in Melbourne, Australia, by True Arrow

0:00 Introduction - the video is only short bits, it's not end to end, but has some additional angles on what happened on the day.

5:47 Alex on the ground knocked out cold, whilst others drag off the TRA that grabbed the Mic. 6:48 Can see men in black, later identified as Neo Nazis to left of the lamp pole, on the upper steps, a police man behind.

7:02 Men in black shorts and tops, later identified as neo-Nazis, about a third unmasked.

10:28 TRA getting frisky with people (neo-Nazis) on the main street, facing the road not the LWS event.

10:41 Note, the Proud Gay Dad guy is the one Angie reported as harassing her.

12:06 Moira Deeming reading out the words of Muslim friend.

16:55 Nina Vallins, a Jewish woman speaking, note through her speech can no longer see Neo-Nazis on the stairs.

19:24 KJK mentions the police and the TRA, no one throughout the event spoke of the black attired boys.

20:18 Aggressive TRA, two arrests made.

20:55 TRA grabbing at the clothes, surrounding a women, not allowing her to walk through.


d). Part 1 Sat Rally 18/3/23 Here’s what the far right & far left look like in Aus. By
Lulu's Heart Centred Alchemy


0:00 Introduction – These people going to the Freedom rally coming from the West side, walking towards the left side of parliamentary steps.

 0:47 Note the entrance way to parliament steps are walled off by at least 12 policemen, the neo-Nazis on the road, to the right, facing off TRA.

1:04 Showing the neo-Nazis standing to the right, the police on the ends and in front of the neo-Nazis and police on the steps.

2:22 The Freedom Rally speaker is on the Megaphone, saying they’re here to protect the children, the women, the conversation prior, the LWS were already there, and that part of the road blocked off. (This speaker was attributed to the Neo-Nazi, as evidence that the Neo-Nazis were protecting LWS – Not true.)

2:44 You can see the Let Women Speak event to the far right and the Protect the Children rally on the bottom of the stairs behind the police to the left.

5:59 Marshals or TRA Legal observers checking out black clothed boys.

8:35 Nazis turn around the TRA, or Red Flag waving Socialists running in from behind.

8:57 Nazis do the Hei Hitler salute to Red Flaggers

9:40 the police horses move in - the line of the 12 policemen at the entranceway still there

10:40 women in Pink high vis TRA legal observers

11:12 TRA chant that 'posie parker... you got Nazis on your side' the nazis are standing in front of the Protect Our Children Group, the LWS down the road have their backs to the two groups.

14:27 mob pushing against the police.

QUESTION: Given the police were the left, right and on the steps, why were the Neo-Nazis allowed on the parliament steps, when the Let Women Speaker event women were not? Prior to the Neo-Nazis going to the steps the police were well aware that they were Nazis as they did the salute. Why did the police allow time for a photo shoot before escorting them out of the area? Why did they let Neo-Nazis come closer to a group that were made of Jews, other non-whites and homosexuals given the hatred Neo-Nazis state they have for those people?

e) Part 2 18/3/23 The far left Australia by Lulu’s Heart Centred Alchemy

0:00 TRA chanting forever.

2:41 note Nazis sandwiched tween 2 sets of police a good 100+ metres from the Protect The Children Rally, can't see the Let Women Speak Rally further along.

f) The TRA Group opposite the LWS rally by Lulu’s Heart Centred Alchemy


g) Part 4 lots of mixed energy around 18/3/23 by Lulu’s Heart Centred Alchemy

0:00 Introduction, mainly the TRA opposite the LWS rally

2:14 the Nazis are heading over, getting in line with the Protect Children Rally spot

3:00 KJK has arrived, the Nazis are setting up their banner, the women are turned towards KJK 3:33 facing back at the TRA and taunting.

8:36 the man who is going to attack getting closer to the mic 9:10 the first 2 TRA altercation - giving birth.



h. Screenshots of police placement:  Where the Neo-Nazis stood. Prior to the Neo-Nazis climbing the steps, the steps were occupied by police.  12 policemen standing in a line blocking the side entrance to the parliamentary steps. Prior to the TRA and Neo-Marxist positioning themselves south of the Freedom Group.

Nazis to the right of the police on the main road, police on the side and separating them from TRA.

Testimonies of Let Women Speakers and listeners on why they went to the event.

Note, we have the names of those people who gave testimonies, we can confirm but don’t trust that you will not weaponise their testimonies against them. Given ABC’s allegiance to ACON’s transgender audits and the harm your reporting has done to women.

Testimonies on the impact of ABC’s actions.






The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) also posted footage on their Facebook page, condemning the neo-Nazis and affirming their support for the women's right to speak without any association with them: The AJA also released the following statement:

“NAZIS CRASH WOMEN'S RALLY IN MELBOURNE - questions raised re police behaviour. Yesterday a "Let Women Speak" rally was held in Melbourne featuring visiting British women's advocate Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (also known as Posie Parker) as well as local women. This movement is concerned that biological men are undermining the integrity of women's sport and spaces such as bathrooms.

AJA unreservedly condemns the Nazis who invaded the rally. These ugly thugs likely saw an opportunity to hijack the event for their own publicity.


There was some very odd policing. While the Victorian police held back the trans activists who arrived to disrupt the rally, they did not do the same to the Nazis. Rather they seemed to facilitate their entry to where the women's rally was taking place on parliament steps. WATCH the video and form your own view. This disruption caused the women's rally to disperse early. Many are saying the police should have stopped the Nazis.

The Nazis were condemned by the women's rally organisers - one contacted AJA in distress explaining what had happened. The "Let Women Speak" organisers had nothing to do with the Nazis. It is shameful that some politicians and media are now trying to smear this women's movement with the false accusation of involvement with Nazis.”

The defamatory statements made by ABC’s staff & media coverage.


There defamatory actions have resulted in Moira Deeming being suspended for 9 months, death threats, invasion of her home by a reporter jumping in her back yard.


Defamatory statements by ABC

I have not itemised each statement, from each media article/report, as you will notice if you go through the pieces that statements are made without any evidence, without any reference at all except for hearsay. In some reports like the 7.30 interview with Pesutto the interviewer calls for MP Moira Deeming to be expelled.
And what we saw was that Pesutto’s dossier was falsehood, hearsay, distortion and lies:
Moira Deeming’s response to Pesutto’s dossier:


“Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull's anti-trans rights campaign has become a headache for the Liberal Party. But the issue runs deeper than one MP” RN Breakfast / By Patricia Karvelas, Posted Sun 26 Mar 2023 at 5:00am”

The pattern of hearsay, is common throughout all the news, Q&A, and articles, I say it amounts to propaganda:


2. “Lidia Thorpe, 'Posie Parker' and the neo-Nazis”, Broadcast Fri 24 Mar 2023 at 4:00am

Sam Hawley has an interview with Kaz Ross, who was not at the event. And again, they roll Let Women Speak in with the Nazis together.



21. Given that Kaz Ross was not at the event, why did Sam Hawley choose to interview Kaz Ross. what was her relevance to the issue? What did she know about the event, beyond biased media reporting?


22. Why did Hawley not contact any of the event organisers and put questions to us directly?

3. IDEO: The Drum Monday 20 March, Posted Mon 20 Mar 2023 at 7:07pm

See transcript:


4. Lidia Thorpe, 'Posie Parker' and the neo-Nazis | ABC News Daily Podcast,

5., Presenter - AM, ABC Radio.🇦🇺, Hobart,

Extremely aggressive ABC interviewer on 7.30 pushing for the expulsion of Moira Deeming, defaming Angie Jones. Note ABC had not investigated the Dossier that Pesutto had put together, it was false, see:

“To reiterate an Australian Political party will be monitoring a woman, and a member of their party to keep tabs on her communications with other women discussing their rights, purely because a group of people outside any legal process have put together a flimsy "dossier" on Microsoft Word - sourced through Wikipedia and other dicey online publications to make defamatory allegations based on conjecture and innuendo.”

7., Patricia Karvelas, Mar 26

8. Victorian Liberals under fire on Q+A over Moira Deeming as activist Deni Todorovič calls for acceptance, Posted Tue 4 Apr 2023 at 6:10am, Tuesday 4 Apr 2023 at 6:10am

9. Victorian Liberal Leader John Pesutto says MP Moira Deeming has not made a good start to her suspension.  Posted Tue 28 Mar 2023 at 9:04amTuesday 28 Mar 2023 at 9:04am, updated Tue 28 Mar 2023 at 11:35am.

10. VIDEO: Victorian MP Moira Deeming suspended for nine months over rally involvement Posted Tue 28 Mar 2023 at 8:35am

11.  Victorian Liberal leader says Deeming's comments 'not consistent' with party consensus, ABC Radio Melbourne, Broadcast Tue 28 Mar 2023 at 8:30am

12. , John Pesutto: Deeming 'not off to a good start', Broadcast Tue 28 Mar 2023 at 8:10am

13. VIDEO: John Pesutto: “There could be consequences if there is a difference between what we were assured in the party room”, Sarah Ferguson, Posted Mon 27 Mar 2023 at 8:28pm, Monday 27 Mar 2023 at 8:28pm, updated Mon 27 Mar 2023 at 10:04pm

14. , VIDEO: Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming suspended for nine months, Posted Mon 27 Mar 2023 at 2:40pmMonday 27 Mar 2023 at 2:40pm, updated Mon


27 Mar 2023 at 2:44pm , Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto warns MP Moira Deeming of further repercussions after she walked back condemnation of rally.  Posted Mon


27 Mar 2023 at 12:46pmMonday 27 Mar 2023 at 12:46pm, updated Mon 27 Mar 2023 at 9:08pm Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull's anti-trans rights campaign has become a headache for the Liberal Party. But the issue runs deeper than one MP, RN Breakfast / By Patricia Karvelas, Posted Sun 26 Mar 2023 at 5:00am Federal Liberal senator Sarah Henderson pressures Victorian Liberal leader not to dump MP Moira Deeming, By Patricia Karvelas and staff, Posted Wed 22 Mar 2023 at 1:02pmWednesday 22 Mar 2023 at 1:02pm, updated Wed 22 Mar 2023 at 8:24pm Opposition leader Peter Dutton defends himself against Labor attack on principles during question time. Posted Tue 21 Mar 2023 at 8:13pmTuesday 21 Mar 2023 at 8:13pm, updated Tue 21 Mar 2023 at 8:44pm , VIDEO: Victorian Liberal MP set for expulsion over anti-trans protest.  Posted Mon 20 Mar 2023 at 6:41am. Monday 20 Mar 2023 at 6:41am, updated


Mon 20 Mar 2023 at 8:51am , VIDEO: Victorian Opposition Leader moves to expel MP over anti-trans protest attended by neo-Nazis. Posted Mon 20 Mar 2023 at 9:39amMonday 20


Mar 2023 at 9:39am, updated Mon 20 Mar 2023 at 1:53pm  Victorian government moves to ban Nazi salute as Liberals move to expel MP Moira Deeming over anti-trans rights rally. Posted Sun 19 Mar 2023 at 11:16pmSunday 19 Mar 2023 at 11:16pm, updated Mon 20 Mar 2023 at 12:23pm.  Nightlife News Breakdown - Michael Williams - The Monthly.  Broadcast Tue 21 Mar 2023 at 10:00pm



1. Table 1: Impact of the Labour’s Gender Identity laws on Women & Homosexual rights:



The Impact of the Gender Identity laws brought in by Labour:
See: , , and


2. TABLE 2: The Status of Gender Identity laws in Australia:















3. Poster campaign against academic Associate Professor Holly Lawford-Smith





4. See testimony transcript from Angie Jones:

Examples of typical social media hate messages:

5. Testimony of Juanita Morgan:

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