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#IStandWithMoiraDeeming - Evidence for Rebuttal

This page addresses a number of distortions, misrepresentations and dishonesty in relation to Māori MP Moira Deeming's involvement with the #LetWomenSpeak event of March 18. I'm addressing the key accusations that John Pesutto makes in his letter dated March 20.

His key accusation is that Moira Deeming is affiliated with right-wing extremists namely Kellie Jay Keen, his core points are that;

1) MP Deeming associates with a woman, Kellie-Jay Keen who is 'known to be publicly associated with far right-wing extremist groups including neo-Nazi activists" and therefore he implies she is affiliating with a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer. 

2) That the organiser for the Melbourne event, Angie Jones' tweet is to be interpreted as that she and/or #LetWomenSpeak campaign organisers have confirmed they were collaborating with the Nazis that were led to stand nearby.

Second point first, Angie Jone's tweet: On page 1, Pesutto writes: "(b) on 19 March 2023, meeting with and publishing a video with KellieJay Keen, Katherine Deves, and Angie Jones and that Angie Jones, on that day posted on Twitter words that, in the mind of any reasonable and lay observer, made association with Nazis including on 4:41pm by posting the words Nazis and women want to get rid of paedo filth. Why don’t you”, .." (He has a snapshot of the tweet on page 17).
However, he did not include her prior words, which were "They came to see you. It was obvious they were not part of our rally"

In doing this, John Pesutto is deliberately taking Angie Jones’ words out of context to suggest the opposite of her intent. Namely, that #LetWomenSpeak was NOT a part of the Nazi Rally.  Mr Pesutto has engaged in a deceitful and wilful misrepresentation of Angie Jones’ actual statements.  Angie Jones confirmed the rally's actual objective was to give women a platform to speak in an interview with Richard King


The main (false) accusation is that - Kellie-Jay Keen is a Nazi sympathiser.

1. This is simply mudslinging. Firstly, we know that Pesutto got his dossier from a locked Wikipedia account that trans rights activists (TRA) wrote on Kellie-Jay Keen. A foolish reference considering, his own Wikipedia account John Pesutto, also listed him as a Nazi sympathizer:  

Not surprisingly this has been mocked by the independent media:

Because the footnotes of the doctored Kellie-Jay Keen Wikipedia page, contradicted it's own false assertion that she, Kellie-Jay Keen had interviewed with Richard Spencer and Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke, instead the footnote states she debated a podcaster; Jean-François Gariépy that once interviewed those men. Pusetto references on page 7, an anti-women site Pink News, if he read the article it quotes a Mumsnet user:

If there’s anyone who can confidently debate with anti-feminist right wingers it’s Posie. It’s a really brave and interesting way to go,” one Mumsnet user wrote. (14/10/2019 10:02)

Firstly, debating those that you disagree with does not put you in their camp.

Secondly, this is 'guilt' by second degree association.

Thirdly, Kellie-Jay Keen denies ever having anything to do with those two fascists.


On page 9, Mr Pesutto states, "In 2019, Keen gave an interview to Soldiers of Christ Online, a far-right network. Here's the video: 

The interviewer Kay, is a podcaster, her YouTube channel is called "Kay SOCO films." Kay interviewed her at a Speakers Corner event. Kellie-Jay Keen is an avowed atheist, however it does not appear she holds bigoted views towards Christians. If you read the transcript or watch the video, 'far right' appears to mean 'Christian'. When researching the channel, one accusation of being 'far right' by Elliards Xander is the source that has been repeated by others. There's no indication of what makes for that channel being called 'far right', other than it's Christian podcast.


I suspect Xander has confused the channel with the actual organisation called Soldiers of Christ Online which primarily runs Christian discourse online by a man calling himself 'Bob the Builder' . His personal channel is here however the main channel is

If Mr Pesutto shares the view that Christians are far right, it would explain his animosity towards Moira Deeming, a Christian, given his lack of research capability I am more likely to think, this is just a lazy acceptance of poorly researched biased mudslinging advisors to the Leader of the Opposition.

On page 10, Mr Pesutto makes another 'guilt by association' as referenced from twitter persona @lilahRPGtt described as a They/Them Bi Enby who tweeted: "In 2019 Kellie travelled to Norway to speak at a conference alongside Hans Jørgen Lysglimt a Holocaust denialist whom she took a selfie with afterwards." 

In February 2019 Kellie-Jay Keen went to the Mot Dag-conference in Oslo, Norway, she was not platformed with Hans, he did not speak at the conference. The speakers at that conference covered the impacts of gender identity. Her 'Nazi' association' amounts to giving a selfie to a man who asked for it. Here is the conference:

On pages 10-12 & 15  Pesutto shares comments from the same writer Xander Elliards who shared tweets by @Esqueer; "Keen was accused of using a Barbie doll wearing a Nazi uniform as her profile picture on the social media site Spinster" I spoke with the UK staff, they said KJK was getting accusations of 'Nazi Barbi' to take the piss she made a "Nazi Barbi' profile. Seriously, is Mr Pesutto not enough of an Australian to understand the concept of 'taking the piss? He shares top half of a tweet, but edits out the second tweet, to falsely suggest this was an insignia in support of Nazism, as opposed to a complaint of Nazi-like behaviour online of constant queer propaganda:


On Pages 12-13 - Mr Pesutto again uses deceit. He writes: "On 16 January 2023, at an event for Keen’s Standing for Women’s group in Newcastle, United Kingdom, one of the speakers, Lisa Morgan, quoted Adolf Hitler 13 as follows: “Do you know the big lie? The big lie was first described by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf … The big lie is that trans women are women”. 

He insinuates that a speaker at a Let Women Speak event in the UK, was endorsing Adolf Hitler when she in fact exposed a manipulative tactic that Hitler used to get follower compliance. For context, this is what Morgan actually said: "
Do you know "The Big Lie"? The "big lie" was first described  by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf. The "big lie" is such a big lie that ordinary people like us think, "Well, that can't be a lie because I'd never tell any bigger lie, as big a lie as that". We only lie in small ways. The "big lie",  well, there is one “big lie” going on, and it was begun by men in, oh, the early part of the 20th century. It was began when they had an erotic fantasy and they decided they were  going to sell us the "big lie".  And what is the big lie? The big lie  is, “transwomen are . . . (women)."  

Let Women Speak - Newcastle - 15/01/23 - Lisa Morgan

The kindest thing we can say, is that maybe Mr Pesutto cannot understand Ms Morgan’s point, but that is a level of stupidity that should not be present in a leader of a political party..

On pages 13-14 - He states: :On 18 March 2023, a group of neo-Nazis, organized by the National Socialist Network, performed the Nazi salute on the steps of Parliament House and displayed a banner which read "DESTROY PAEDO FREAKS".4 He references an article entitled "Anti-trans speaker's fans throw Nazi salute amid counter protest" 
The implication being that the Nazis are in association with the Let Women Speak Rally. And on page 16 he criticises Keen and Deeming for not 'roundly condemning' the men who made the Nazi salute.. They did express their horror continually, but until the Nazis did the salute no one knew who they were, they were dressed in black, indistinguishable from how trans rights activists (TRA) have dressed overseas.  Furthermore at the time the Nazi's were escorted to the steps and stayed some 14 minutes, LWS had a distracting TRA attack and a woman was downed and taken to hospital during the containment of the TRAs.

Other's including LGB Defence have replied to these accusations:

Nazis hijack the #LetWomenSpeak Event - LGB Defence shares statements on the Neo Nazi's website and twitter account confirm a hijack of the Women's event just to centre themselves. "Knee Jerk Reaction will hurt John Pesutto" - Peta Credlin


Let Women Speak event hijacked: clowns to the left of Moira, Nazis to the right - Eddie Wyatt

Thomas Sewall in a podcast with the Neo Nazi leader confirms at 55.20 that a Sargent Ashleigh led his group to the event. He couldn't remember Kellie-Jay Keen's name, insults her and clearly was not associated with the event.

In its entirety, there is no substance to John Persutto's accusations. They are baseless insinuations built on mudslinging, misrepresentation, misquoting, guilt by distant association, stupidity, biased 'research' and relying on propaganda and false report. I find his 'evidence' at such a level of dishonesty and stupidity that it's hard to believe that this man is an MP let alone a leader, and that's being kind.

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