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Right of Association

We women have lost the right for female people to meet in order to debate, organise, protest, advocate, and campaign for female-specific interests, without risk of harassment, threats, abuse, loss of livelihood/income, prosecution, or violence. Along with the elimination of lesbian-specific organizations and advocacy groups, because of gender identity ideology.



  • Tickle Versus Giggle  
    A male named Roxy Tickle, who identifies as a woman, brought a human rights claim against Sall Grover for not permitting him to use her female-only networking app, Giggle. He claimed that by excluding him, Sall is discriminating against him on the basis of his gender identity, which is a protected attribute under the Sex Discrimination Act. Follow the case here at



  • Lesbian organisations forced to go underground in fear of being taken to court  Men who identify as 'lesbians' have threatened organisers of Lesbian only events if their demands to attend are refused. The threat of lawsuits once again drive women only events underground. #Australia


  • Even on apps males demand entry into online spaces for women to meet with women only
    Although there are transgender only Apps, and all inclusive Apps for dating, the founder of a female only App receives constant threat and abuse from Trans identifying males who slam female-only social networking app Giggle for using facial recognition software that excludes them - but CEO states that it's not a place for 'men claiming to be women'. Women need women only spaces. #Australia


  • Lesbian only events unlawful in Tasmania In yet another example of the homophobia of gender ideology it is now unlawful for lesbians in Tasmania, Australia to exclude men from their social events.  Jessica Hoyle of Tasmania who has taken her case to the tribunal is intent on pursuing her case to the High Court. #Victoria #SouthAustralia



  • Sappho’s Party in Adelaide was taken to court,
    A trans identifying male psychotherapist took a lesbian association to an equal opportunities tribunal, alleging he was discriminated against by being refused entry to a lesbian event. Tracie O'Keefe, of Sydney, said he requested an invitation to a South Australian event organised by lesbian support group; Sappho's Party. #SouthAustralia







  • It’s the unspoken rules on campus that silence
    "Debates about “gender identity theory” – the view that in any and all contexts, a woman is anyone who identifies as one – are highly charged within universities. The informal systems operating are not conducive to students expressing lawful views that challenge gender identity theory. A powerful socialisation mechanism operating in academia is to lay a charge of transphobia on anyone who dissents from gender identity theory, and to assert that their views are so “harmful” as to be beyond the pale of toleration." #Victoria




No Self-ID campaign. Click a tweet, it summarises the point in 140 characters.

When it pops up, add the hashtag #ImpactOfSelf-ID and tweet to a politician

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