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Single sex spaces

We lost the legal right for women to refuse males in single-sex spaces for women and girls; toilets and changing rooms, single-sex accommodations for women and girls in hospitals, refuges, camps, shelters, rape crisis services, support groups, prisons or any organizations that were formerly for females only. 


  •  Sydney’s McIver’s Ladies baths catered to women only, providing freedom from the presence of males necessary for rape & domestic violence victims, women who've had breast surgery, Muslim and Jewish women. Despite the many mixed pools along Coogee beach trans identifying males bullied the baths and Randwick council in order to feel validated by invading a women's only space. For a book which describes women’s experiences at the Women’s Pool    #NewSouthWales


  • When Self-Id legislation was passed in Victoria no data was to be collected by the government on the impact of that on women. was set up by a New Zealand Academic at the University of Melbourne so that women could provide testimony. The founder was immediately attacked in open letters, marches, physical threats and threats to employment. #Victoria


  • Read the testimonies of over 400 women mainly in Australia on the impact of self-id on women's rights. #Australia


  • Policies undermining women’s rights and safety are shamefully spurred on by politicians, human rights bodies and others. Read more at @WomensForumAust  #NoMenInWomensPrisons #KeepPrisonsSingleSex #Queensland #Victoria


  • Steph Hughes, founder of Fair Go for Queensland Women talks about what is happening in Queensland prisons for Australian women. The obscurification and lack of transparency on the impact of transwomen in female single sex spaces such as women prisons. #Queensland


  • The Single Sex Prisons in WA: Obscurification and lack of transparency on the impact of transwomen in female single sex spaces such as women prisons.    #WesternAustralia


  • Under pressure from transgender activists, including one high-powered news media company, a man who carried out the violent homicide of an elderly person has been transferred to a women’s prison. #Australia #NewZealand


  • The National Health Service allow fully intact trans identifying males into female-only hospital wards, along with stripping women and motherhood from the language. Nurses receive reprimands if they complain. #England


  • The study found more than two-thirds – 67 per cent – had been sexually harassed and 85 per cent reported feeling unsafe. For example, Julie Preston was a childhood victim of sexual abuse, a woman who never overcame the horrors of her past. Not long after she checked into the psychiatric unit of St Vincent's Hospital, Julie was raped by a male patient in a communal lounge. That attack came just days after she had been physically assaulted by another patient at the same facility. Her carer, Karen Field, describes it as a tipping point. About a year later, aged 30, Julie ended her life. #Victoria


  • Feminist Legal Clinic in Sydney loses grants because it provides legal services to women only. Even though trans identifying men have two pro-bono services available to them by the world’s largest lawyer firm, Dentons. #NewSouthWales


  • Convicted for attempting to kill three people with an axe, Australian transgender Evie Amati is jailed in a female prison despite being a biological man. It’s now been revealed Amati has been involved in a fight after a female inmate said she wanted him moved to a men’s jail. #NewSouthWales


  • Information taken from 'Transgender prisoners in Australia: an examination of the issues, law & policy." Sam Lynch, Lorana Bartels, Flinders Law Jnl, (2017) 19. p198 details a Trans identifying Female raped in prison, who asked to be placed with women but was raped by men and attempted suicide.    #Queensland


  • 'In Defence of Separatism' by Susan Hawthorne sets out clearly why women need their own spaces. #Australia

  • Trans TikToker Facing Multiple Child Sexual Abuse Charges - Trans identifying male "Rachel Queen Burton, 44, has been accused of crimes including the production of child exploitation material and gross indecency. On remand, has not been confirmed that he has been put in a male prison estate. #SouthAustralia 

  • Female Inmates Protest Transfer of Transgender Sex Offender into Victoria's Women's prisons. Women at the Dame Phyllis Frost Correctional Centre told the Herald Sun that the transgender male offender (Lisa Jones) was moved to the Murray Protection Unit on July 5. #Victoria

  • Transgender” Male Given Unsupervised Access to Girl Guides During Event. #Victoria

  • Personal testimonies of the impact of intrusion of the opposite sex into singlesexspaces  #Australia #NewZealand

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