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Data Corruption

The right to not have male crimes attributed to females. Male crime should be recorded and reported as male crime, irrespective of the ‘gender identity’ of the perpetrator.  It is wrong to remove the right of journalists to report the sex, and history, of subjects, leading to the false report of female committed crimes.  Eliminating data collection of sex-based inequalities in areas where females are underrepresented.


  • DATA Corruption: In 2021 ABS allowed males to call themselves 'female': "Feedback from respondents and members of the LGBTIQ+ community during Census enumeration identified some confusion on how to answer the question for people who are gender diverse, gender non-binary or transgender. It is likely therefore that some respondents answered based on their gender identity rather than their biological sex." (2020-21 ABS report)  #Australia

Note, in 2020-21, ABS  reported a 38% increase in 'female' perpetrated sexual assault and related offences.


Surely everyone can recognise, this is something' that warrants investigation.

  • Understanding the difference between Male and Female criminality, Australasia and the world.  That sex-differential in the makeup of prison population is not only a numerical difference in prison populations of a historically and globally consistent 5% | 95%. That sex-differential must include the understanding that male criminality is predominately violent offending and female ‘criminality’ is primarily economic and often consequent to male violence committed against them, which means that the female prison population is more seriously offended against than offending. #Australia

  • There is a growing pattern of judges refusing to give a conviction or prison sentence on the grounds that the defendant is ‘transgender’. #QLD

  • The crime data in Queensland is already arguably corrupted, and women’s interests and reputation damaged by the inclusion of males in female prisons and crime data.


A Question on Notice from David Batt MP in 2019 re how crimes committed by males who identify as transgender were recorded and reported was answered by QPS Hon Mark Ryan, Minister for Corrective Services to the effect that crime is recorded and reported based upon Birth, Deaths and Marriages records. Further, those with “documentation of a gender legal status change are not identified in published crime statistics in detail, as it would breach confidentiality and right to privacy, as individual people may be identified from the generated statistics”.

And so, males have been able to hide their crimes within the ‘female’ crime data for some time in Queensland, and as a result we do not know how many males are now included in the ‘female’ data from 2013-2022. What we do know however from anecdotes from people who wish to remain anonymous, is that males who have had their birth certificates changed via the current process have been housed in the female prison estate, and their presence has caused women distress and fear. #QLD

  • Statement: Males commit the vast majority of crimes in Queensland (and this is mirrored internationally).


This is supported by data provided by Queensland Corrective Services via Right to Information requests detailing prison populations from 2013-2022, and aligns with findings internationally. The breakdown of crime by sex is generally about 90:10. In relation to sexual offences, this is greater. As a base point for safeguarding, women only spaces were created and remain essential as a form of safeguarding women and girls when they are in states of undress or otherwise vulnerable. It must be recognised however that single sex spaces for women do not only exist due to safety considerations.

RTIs 211200 and 23097 support #QLD


  • Statement: We cannot address male violence when some male violence is being recorded as ‘female’.


ABS has advised they cannot provide data that separates crime delineated by sex and gender identity due to reporting by states (that have self id).

In their reporting in 2020-2021, the ABS reported there has been a 38% increase in ‘female’ perpetrated sexual and other offending. The ABS provides no commentary regarding this and when asked, offered no explanation other than to say they report what is provided to them. Given the data from Queensland, this suggests that male violence is artificially inflating ‘female’ data and is corrupting data Australia wide. This cannot be allowed to continue. This cannot be allowed to be contributed to by Queensland. This is relevant not only to crime data but for every data point where sex is relevant (and those are many, pay gap, superannuation, life expectancy are just a few). #QLD


  • Statement: When it comes to criminal offending, ‘trans women’ are not women and ‘trans men’ are not men.


The offending patterns within the self-identified transgender population in Queensland from 2013-2022 shows a clear pattern where males are charged or convicted of crimes at a far higher rate than females, mirroring what we already know about male pattern violence and criminality.

In all years from 2013-2022 there was a maximum of one trans identified female in Queensland prisons on 30 June. In 7 of those 10 years, there were zero trans identified females in Queensland prisons on 30 June. This is in stark contrast to males who self-identify as transgender, as, In every year, the number of males who self-identified as transgender far exceeded this, ranging from a high of 63 in 2022 to a low of 16 in 2014.  #QLD



  • Statement: Allowing ‘self id’ enables the recording of male perpetrated crimes as being committed by women. This will unfairly and artificially inflate ‘female’ crime data, to the detriment of the human rights of women, as well as undermining attempts to address male violence.



Male violence against women, and male violence in general, is a very serious social issue that negatively impacts all communities. When we are not able to accurately record male violence, this hinders our ability to address it. When the wrong group is labelled as responsible for crime, this not only hinders attempts to address said crime, but it also invites negative views and assumptions about that mislabelled group.

Data from the ABS demonstrates this may already be occurring, with sexual and other offences committed by ‘females’ in 2020-21 reported to have increased by 38%. The ABS have admitted they cannot discern what proportion of this increase is due to ‘self id’ legislation, and they cannot disaggregate the data by transgender status to find out. Having your crimes recorded as being committed by another group is not a human right.  #QLD


  • Statement: Transgender self-identified males in Queensland have been accused or convicted of murder in Queensland greater numbers than transgender people have been killed in all of Australia for the years 2009-2022.  


There have been, according to Trans Murder Monitoring, four transgender individuals murdered in Australia since 2008. There are no details available regarding the person who sadly lost their life in 2008 but TMM do report upon and the details can be identified in relation to the remaining.

In October 2014 Mayang Prasetyo, a male who appears to have self-identified as transgender, was killed in their same sex partner in Teneriffe, Queensland.

In September 2019 Mhelody Bruno was murdered in NSW by a male.

In January 2020 Kimberly McRae was killed in Coogee NSW, also by a male.

This is male violence and in all cases, it appears that the offender was aware of the victim’s transgender status. In relation to Mayang Prasetyo in particular, it is difficult to identify this crime as anything but a domestic violence related homicide.  As such, ‘transphobia’ can hardly be identified as contributing.

In contrast, in Queensland prisons on 30 June 2022 there were 6 transgender self-identified males in custody on either the charge or convicted of murder.

At that same time, 39 women were held in the female estate for the same charge or conviction. A horrifying number of women have been murdered in Australia in the past month, and the majority of those alleged or eventually alleged/charged murderers will be male. For there to be anywhere near a comparable figure for female murder suspects or offenders, there would need to be hundreds of women incarcerated for murder. That is not the case. The relevance of sex to offending patterns is central to this. We cannot lose the ability to identify male violence and we certainly are not in a position to say that male violence is dealt with to an extent that removing safeguards in women’s single sex spaces are not without risk.  #QLD


  • Statement: We cannot address male violence unless we track all male violence, we cannot address what we cannot/do not count.


Despite repeated requests, Queensland Corrective Services have not provided crime data related to males who have had their birth certificates changes via the current processes. This means that male violence and crime is already being recorded falsely as ‘female’.

ABS has advised they cannot provide data on crime that separates crime by sex and gender identity. In their reporting in 2020-2021, the ABS reported there has been a 38% increase in ‘female’ perpetrated sexual and other offending. The ABS is essentially unable to clarify how much ‘female’ offending can be attributed to males.

This belies the central point of those who say there is ‘no evidence’. The evidence required to demonstrate negative impacts is being hidden in female data by virtue of the legislation brought in on the back of there being ‘no evidence’. The evidence is (purposefully?) being hidden. This conflicts with the human rights of women to only be held accountable for the crimes they have committed, this also relates to women’s human right to dignity.  #QLD



  • Statement: Male pattern criminality is demonstrated in the transgender community in Queensland.


Explanation: On 30.6.2022 there were 63 transgender identified males in Queensland prisons, and zero transgender identified females. This pattern of male elevation compared to female is evident across the years 2013-2022.  #QLD


  • Statement: Including the data for males who identify as transgender in female crime data will corrupt crime data.

Explanation: In 2017 there were 8 males who self identified as transgender in the male prison estate, on most serious charge or conviction of aggravated sexual assault compared to 9 women (which may include males who have had their birth certificates changed by virtue of the BDM legislation)

In 2022 there were 6 males held in Qld corrective services on the charge of murder, as opposed to 39 in the female estate. Adding and including male data will increase the rate of ‘female’ murder substantially. #QLD


  • Statement: Transgender identified males commit or are charged at higher rates than both women and the general male population in relation to sexual offences.


On 30.6.2022 there were 13 males who self-identified as transgender in prison for the most serious charge or conviction of aggravated sexual assault out of a total of 63 (20.6%).

This compares to 16 women (which may include males who have had their birth certificates changed under the current processes) out of a total of 852 (1.9% of total).

This means that the sexual offending of the small male self-identified transgender population in Queensland almost matches the sexual offending of all Queensland women. Alternatively, adding the sexual offending of the self identified transgender population of Queensland will almost double ‘female’ sexual offending in Queensland.

Similarly, of 8459 males in the male prison estate on 30.6.2022, 1100 were held on the most serious charge/conviction of aggravated sexual assault, 13%. On that same date, 13/63 male self-identified transgender prisoners were held on the same charge/conviction, which is 20.6%.

This pattern is not reserved only to 2022. In every year, the rate of males who self-identify as transgender held in Queensland prisons far exceeds what one should expect from a cohort of individuals who are women when compared to female offending data. #QLD


  • Statement: Child exploitation material offences (named ‘child pornography’ in the data) is an almost exclusively male perpetrated offence and including males in the female data will hinder efforts to address this horrific abuse of children and young people. #QLD



From the years 2013-2022 no female was recorded in relation to this charge/offence as most serious offence. In 2022, there was one recorded ‘female’ offender or alleged offender, compared to 3 males who self-identified as transgender. The human rights of women, nor those of children and young people, are not served by recording male perpetrated crimes as being committed by women.

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