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Sex not Gender (Identity)

We can have no rights for women if “woman” is not clearly defined in law.

Likewise, if there are no clear definitions of homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, woman, and man, that are not tautological in logic, based on scientific evidence not subjective, unverifiable feelings, we lose all rights that women and homosexuals have gained over the last 100 years. Because you can not defend or advocate for that which does not exist in law.

We wish you to use this site to take direct action; writing and visiting your local politicians, tweeting examples of lost rights to politicians and journalists. Raising awareness of the extent of our loss. It’s important to understand that you are acting against a co-ordinated and highly funded movement. Therefore, it’s important to understand that movement, it's goals and core means to implement their goals.

Firstly, the advancement of gender identity ideology (GII) is marketed to the public as a human rights movement. But unlike any civil rights movement in history, trans rights activists are demanding that rights be taken away women. The trans identifying men claim that if we do not give them the rights of women, that they are being oppressed.

Men regardless of how they identify are members of the dominant class, in demanding the removal of rights, protections and safeguarding of an oppressed class; women, they further exalt the dominant class via means that are both authoritarian and regressive; doxxing, threats, bullying, cancelling and restricting rights of association and freedom to speak. They also directly contradict the protections granted under CEDAW, the CHR and women’s rights laid out in Women’s Declaration International.

Secondly, the core means for the removal of the rights of women and LGB have been GII laws and GII diversity and inclusion audits, these have enabled institutional capture and indoctrination in all spheres of public life.

It’s worth noting that the GII laws being put in place in Australia execute a number of international goals given by the world’s largest law firm Dentons in what’s colloquially called the Denton’s handbook, a manual for trans rights activists. Everything that is happening in Australia is being pushed world-wide.

1. The following are the core goals Dentons advised activists they need to put into law.
When trans rights activists talk of ‘trans rights’ this is what they are referring to.

  • #TransRight - A swift and cheap gender recognition process which is entirely self-determined and subjective, requiring no medical diagnosis, surgery or legal oversight. (pg.16, 17)


  • #TransRight - No requirement for spousal approval for transitioning or grounds for spousal divorce if the spouse transitions (pg. 17)


  • #TransRight - Remove parental consent for children to alter their appearance socially, medically or surgically to that of the opposite sex.


  • #TransRight - Provide legal recognition of minors in order to remove the requirement of parental consent, e.g., in schools a child affirmed to be a ‘mature minor’ in order to transition without parental consent or knowledge. (pg. 16)


  • #TransRight - Children and adults can change sex on birth certificate. Ideally, no recording of the child’s gender (sex) on their birth certificate, delay up to 18 years. (pg. 17)


  • #TransRight - Creation of a third ‘gender’, allow an individual to legally identify as neither male nor female e.g., nonbinary. (pg. 17)


  • #TransRight - Gender confirmation treatment to be made easily accessible, state supported or supplemented and no requirement for gender dysphoria to access these treatments.


  • Heavy sanctions on those who do not adhere to gender identity ideology, subject to fines, jail sentencing and state removal of offspring.


2. The Gender Identity Bills 

Pay particular attention around the end of each year, gender identarian politicians will push GII bills through with little to no input from major stakeholders except for the input of trans rights lobbies and activists.

  • Birth, death and marriage Certificate amendments bringing in gender self-identification for adults and children

  • Conversion therapy bans based on gender identity. These support compulsory gender affirmation primarily aimed at gender non-conforming young people; LGB youth, Autistic, youth with mental health comorbidities, trans-indoctrinated or young girls under the influence of social contagion.

  • Hate speech or vilification laws that ban reference to biological sex, or objections to the loss of rights due to gender identity ideology or challenging, denying or refusing to accept a person’s new gender identity.

  • Gender Reassignment or Recognition bills


3. The diversity and inclusion audits drive cultural change at an organisational level

ACON drives public policies via the Federal, State and local governments public service, plus all corporate and government funded sections of Australia through diversity and inclusion audits. Most people wonder where all this 'woke culture' came from not releasing that there are few public services or corporate organisations that don't comply to one of ACON's audits; Pride In diversity, Pride in Sport, Pride in Health & Well-Being, Australian Workplace equality Index. These audits embed gender identity ideology by dictating these organisations comply to the following:

  • Removal of single sex spaces such as toilets, changing rooms for women and replacing them with 'all gender' or 'gender neutral toilets' allowing males to enter female only spaces, female's sports, prisons, rape crisis centres etc.

  • Erase the concept of women in language by imposing compelled speech such as the use of pronouns on name badges, in email signatures and replacing sex-based language with gender-neutral. i.e., replace 'woman' with cervix-havers, menstruate, bodies with vaginas, vulva owners etc.

  • Employing people (Diversity & Inclusion officers) to ensure compliance with Pride in Diversity's programmes in internal and external policies, corporate communications and external marketing;

  • Provide special rewards; i.e., paid leave, to those who wish to undergo sex reassignment or 'gender-affirming' medical procedures and surgeries;

  • Expecting all employees to perform allegiance to GII by participating in particular activities;

    • Displaying support and celebrating all the many days, weeks and months of Transgender significance in the ACON calendar​

    • Publicly signalling their support with approved corporate branding including purchased merchandise such as lanyards, rainbow flags, trans flag

  • Expecting executive sponsorship and fundraising for approved charities and events;

  • Paying for "Diversity and Inclusion" programme training for all employees and management

  • Promoting multi-level marketing of GII, by using 3rd party suppliers who must adhere to gender identity ideology via an ACON audit, which then requires them to do the same for their 3rd party suppliers and so forth.

  • Set up a mandatory Trans Gender Diverse advisory group for the organisation that must have a C level executive as a participant

  • Promote LGBQTIA inclusion at public events, via social media, media and directly to clients and customers.

A video on how these laws and audits embed GII into law and culture is here:

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