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Single sex spaces

We lost the legal right for women to refuse males in single-sex spaces for women and girls; toilets and changing rooms, single-sex accommodations for women and girls in hospitals, refuges, camps, shelters, rape crisis services, support groups, prisons or any organizations that were formerly for females only. 


Stuff article from 2019: "A transgender inmate at Christchurch Women's Prison is being held in isolation while facing several allegations from fellowW inmates, including one of sexual assault.   The prison and police are investigating the allegations, with Corrections saying "safety is our top priority". 

Single-sex spaces were lost in NZ before the  BDMMR bill in 2021.

Boys over the age of five are excluded from Christchurch City Council's weekly "all women" swimming sessions, but men who identify as women are welcome.  This means that also excluded are women for whom privacy, dignity and religious reasons rely on single-sex sessions to be single-sex.


Women's weekly swimming sessions at Christchurch's Linwood pool, exclude boys over the age of five, but include men who identify as women.


Thus making the provision of a single-sex session, a nonsense:

Herald article July 2022:

"Dunedin mayor Aaron Hawkins has called a woman's concerns about the transgender community "distasteful and repugnant" after her submission to the city council.  Dunedin nurse Jennifer Scott was concerned about transgender women using the female changing rooms at Moana Pool.  She asked for the council to ensure designated gender-based private areas, such as changing rooms and toilets, would be upheld in all facilities funded or owned by the council.After her submission, Hawkins, who appeared shaken, told Scott her submission was "hard to listen to, and it was at very least distasteful, if not repugnant".

A query on Dunedin Council facilities remaining single-sex,  said Dunedin mayor, Aaron Hawkins, was 
"hard to listen to, and it was at the very least distasteful, if not repugnant".


Retention of women's single-sex spaces reframed as bigotry:

In 2017 - without consultation - a school changed its policy allowing trans-identified students to use the single-sex bathroom facilities of their choice, even though"gender-neutral" facilities had been provided.  When a female student complained about the loss of privacy and lack of consultation, a transgender advocate dismissed those concerns as bigotry, and added: "I was dismayed. Transgender people do not go around harassing anybody. They don't go into a bathroom and use them for any other reason than anyone else," Whitehead said.  Tony Duder emphasised: ""RainbowYOUTH believes that every person should have the right to access public bathrooms and this fear mongering from Family First is just the latest in many attempts to discredit or sensationalise issues which many of our young people struggle with."  The female student was advised that she could use the "gender-neutral" toilets at the school.

A female student questioning the change of school policy allowing trans-identified males into the female facilities, was told she could use the gender-neutral toilets as a solution.


Privacy and dignity for female students not a consideration. 

A trans-identified man who was convicted of stabbing three people, will be spending their 9 year three month sentence incarcerated in Auckland Women’s Prison.  His attack was violent and unprovoked, the attack on his ex-partner was described: "The injuries to the female victim were severe. They included a laceration to the left side of her face and a stab wound to her upper left back that punctured her right lung, causing it to collapse and blood to flow into her chest cavity." - Stuff, November 2022

A transidentified male - who was convicted of an unprovoked triple stabbing, was sentenced to 9 years 3 months.  He will serve his incarceration in Auckland's Women's Prison.

In 2014, prison policy was changed allowing male prisoners to be transferred to a women's prison facility if they identified as a woman.  A trans-identified man, convicted of a stabbing, was moved to a women's facility in 2015.  

Members of transgender advocacy group No Pride in Prisons began a hunger strike in Auckland today over Follett's plight, but called it off when they heard about her transfer.

"We have exclusive word from Jade herself that she was moved today just after lunch," the group's spokeswoman Jennifer Shields said.

"We are absolutely thrilled that Corrections has taken our demands seriously. They can no longer ignore the very real danger that Jade was in.

"We hope that now that Jade has been officially transferred, she will be able to serve out the rest of her sentence in a far safer environment."

This was the fifth such transfer, in the 17 months since the policy was put in place. - Herald, August 2015 

#NZPrisonsNotSingleSexSince 2014
A man convicted of a stabbing, was the fifth trans-identified male transferred to the women's prison estate, after a 2014 change in policy.

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