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Sex not Gender (Identity)

  When the term “LGBTQ+” is used it assumes a homogeneous or united group, however this acronym is referring to different concepts and groups; notably same-sex sexual orientation (LGB), and gender identity (T & Q+). We reject the idea that the T belongs with LGB. The transgender movement falsely claims that it has a shared predicament with LGB people. In reality, transgenderism is a homophobic movement that directly opposes the interests of LGB people.

Given the needs and interests of homosexual and bisexual individuals (those with same-sex sexual orientation) are different and sometimes in conflict with those who have a transgender or non-binary identity (T & Q), it is important to distinguish these groups accordingly. The focus on ‘identity’ rather than sexuality has confused many.

The erasure of the definition of sex in legislation erases same-sex relationships, the right to congregate in single-sex spaces and the reality that homosexuality is not based on self-declarations of masculine or feminine gender but in same-sex attraction.  When put into legislation, sexual orientation is conflated with gender identity, and the sex-based rights of homosexual people are no longer protected.

The key impacts of Gender Identity Ideology on LGB Rights are as follows:

  • Lesbian rights are seriously violated when males with feminine ‘gender identities’ identify as “lesbians” and intrude on lesbian spaces, such as dating apps or remove the right for lesbians to have female-only gatherings. The majority of these trans women have the sexual fetish called autogynephilia. For those males, the intrusion into a space reserved for females is a seual ct..

  • Male-to-self-identifying ‘women’ retain a male pattern regarding criminality, the same is true regarding violent crime, this is born out in studies i.e.Evidence and Data on Trans Women’s Offending Rates And the many testimonies of women reporting on the impact of self-id in the state of Victoria, Australia and around the world when men have been allowed into women’s spaces on the legal fiction that they are ‘women’ (see .

  • When ‘gender identity’ is conflated with the material reality of biological sex, it impacts on the lives of lesbians as women and girls, as this directly contradicts the protections granted under CEDAW, the CHR and women’s rights laid out in Women’s Declaration International.

  • Lesbians suffer dual discrimination as women who are same-sex attracted in a male-dominated society.  In a world where biological sex is replaced with ‘gender theory/identity’, the reality of the class of women or human females is ignored, hence all protections, political power, and rights around the class of ‘woman’ can be voided.

  • In Defence of Children the removal of safeguarding and parental rights through the indoctrination of Gender Identity Ideology on children, parents and schools.

Women's health in New Zealand:

Website for charity dedicated to women's gynaecological cancers, only has the word woman once in it's website:  That instance appears to be an oversight when erasing the words women/woman from any discussion of gynaecological health and disease.

In motherhood and breast feeding services, gendered language is being erased: 

Herald Sept 2022: "A Dunedin anti-transgender and anti-mandate activist has had her nursing licence suspended.  Nursing Council of New Zealand senior legal adviser Clare Prendergast confirmed Jennifer Scott had her practising certificate suspended.  That meant she was unable to practise nursing at present."  It is unclear whether it is her refusal to have the Covid vaccine and/or her refusal to stop using sexed terms that has resulted in her suspended.  However, the article displays bias when it refers to Jennifer Scott as "anti-transgender" without details.​

Woman gives birth, and is looking forward to being called Dad. Barbour-Evans, who describe themselves as non-binary transgender, has written pieces this year about their experiences as a transgender person, and also about Jami-Lee Ross and New Zealand's mental health system.  Barbour-Evans told the Otago Daily Times earlier this year their child would be "calling me Dad, and it means a lot to me" - Herald 2018.

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