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Short-listed spots

In New Zealand, we lost the right to exclude male-bodied people from women-only shortlists,

award schemes, grant programs etc.


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In 2017, a Spinoff article acknowledging low female nominations for the Vodafone Music Awards was published.  Just as this seemed to indicate a belated recognition of women's contribution to the NZ music industry, the decision was made to remove the separate category for for males/females - including Female Solo Artist.  

"The decision was made by Vodafone NZ Music Awards to remove specific categories for male and female for the Best Solo Artist Award to recognise that some people do not identify with the rigid “either-or” options." - GenderSpeak 


Growing recognition of women's contribution to the music industry was  followed by the decision was made to remove the categories of Female/ Male from the Vodafone awards, conflating the classifications of sex and gender identity: 

After 113 years, Laurel Hubbard became the first man to win the University of Otago Sportswoman of the Year, after failing to complete any lifts as NZ representative at the 2021 Olympics.  

''We could think of no-one more worthy of sportswoman of the year than Laurel Hubbard who represented Otago and New Zealand incredibly well at this year's Tokyo Olympics.'' 

#ProtectWomenSports  #AlreadyIncluded

​Failure to complete a lift in the Olympics, is considered success as a sportswoman by the University of Otago.

So, they award Sportswoman of the Year to a man.​

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