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Reporting Statistics

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The right to not have male crimes attributed to females. Male crime should be recorded and reported as male crime, irrespective of the ‘gender identity’ of the perpetrator.  It is wrong to remove the right of journalists to report the sex, and history, of subjects, leading to the false report of female committed crimes.  Eliminating data collection of sex-based inequalities in areas where females are underrepresented.


In 2021, an OIA request was made to Statistics NZ, seeking clarification about the collection and recording of data in regards to sex:

April 23, 2021
Dear Statistics New Zealand,
In the recently released the statement is made in the definition of sex that "a person’s sex can change over the course of their lifetime and may differ from their recorded at birth.

Please can you explain what it means to says that a person’s sex has change over the course of their lifetime and whether it is the chromosomes, hormones, and reproductive organs which have caused the change in sex. Please can you advise the research sources that have been used to support this statement.

Please can you advise the risk assessment that has been undertaken to support the following changes:

The change of the meaning of gender to a meaning which incorporates self-identified gender identity - when gender has a specific meaning in international treaties such as CEDAW.

The decision to collect self-identified gender by default in areas where the collection of sex information is mandated by the legislation such as in equal pay agreements.

The decision to allow for the collection of data by gender which is self-identified gender identity when gender self-identification is not supported by legislation.

Their response indicates that declared gender identity will be collected and analysed as 'sex'.


Accurate data collection is necessary for government to determine and prioritise provision of resource according to projections of need.  

The performative and deliberately vague consultation on this issue, has been provided in the form of contrived scope and questions, and limited fields for feedback on a generic online form.

Stand Up For Women sought clarity on this issue from Statistics NZ:

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