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Free Speech

The right to challenge and critique ideological concepts, policies and practices that negatively impact upon the human rights of female people.  Removing the legal right of women to free speech related to sex roles and gender.



H/T LAVA (Lesbian Action for Visibility in Aotearoa):

The Free Speech Union (FSU) of New Zealand was to kick off a series of university union meetings at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) on 26 April 2022. In the first of this nationwide lecture series, FSU member Daphna Whitmore was scheduled to speak about her experience with Speak Up for Women, an advocacy group whose events in previous years had been canceled by several councils around New Zealand. In 2021, Speak Up for Women won against the Palmerston North City Council who had barred the group from holding an event on council premises.

The start of the lecture series at AUT had been arranged without difficulties months ago, but only when the union advertised the event, the trans lobby became aware of it and started their cancel campaign.

FSU wrote in their latest newsletter, “AUT staff, like Lexie Matheson (a transgender lecturer), became aware of the event and have been lobbying the university to not allow us to hold the event. Part of the reason we became a trade union was so that we could rely on our 'union access' rights to hold meetings on employer premises if activists tried to block us. (You can hear us discuss the issue on our latest podcast).“

Hate Speech Legislation proposal:

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