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Free Speech

The right to challenge and critique ideological concepts, policies and practices that negatively impact upon the human rights of female people.  Removing the legal right of women to free speech related to sex roles and gender.



  • In keeping with ACON’s diversity and inclusion audits University of Melbourne drafted a new “gender affirmation policy”, prohibiting public speeches or events that it deems an attack on gender diversity. If enacted, the draft would also alter the university’s free speech policy to prevent its academics engaging in public discourse that the university believes has the potential to harm transgender and gender-diverse members of the university community.  #Victoria


  • Trans Activists Intimidate and Assault Women at the University of Melbourne for supporting an Associate Professor giving women a platform to speak on the impact of self-id on women's spaces #Victoria


  • Discrimination Complaint Against Senator Who Defended Women’s Sport From Trans Activist Encroachment , #Tasmania



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