Short-listed spots

In Australia, we lost the right to exclude male-bodied people from women-only shortlists,

award schemes, grant programs etc.


  • The removal of the Best Female Artist category at the ARIA awards. The award is now just Best Artist (which is for both men or women). A man won this year. I think this is an example of removing an award that only women were eligible for.

  • A biological man starts a women's political party, but a feminist is gagged for talking about this.
    One of Australia’s leading feminists Anna Kerr says she has been silenced from telling voters that the transgender founder of a new women’s rights political party was born a biological man.


  • Liberal staffer 'pretended to be a woman' to win a coveted position on Sydney university's student council
    A male university student has been accused of pretending to be a woman after he identified himself as a non-cis male to run for a coveted $12,000 position. 


  • Stella Prize "It was established by a group of 11 Australian women writers, editors, publishers and booksellers who became concerned about the poor representation of books by women in Australia's top literary prize, the Miles Franklin Award. "After a rapid acceleration in women's rights in the '70s and '80s, things have started to go backwards," Sophie Cunningham said in a keynote address at the 2011 Melbourne Writers' Festival. "Women continue to be marginalised in Australian culture and the arts sector – which likes to pride itself on its liberal values – is, in fact, complacent. Women are much less likely to win literary awards, to write reviews of books, or have their books reviewed. This, despite the fact they write about half the books published."

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