Removal of Gendered Language

We lost the right to refer to female people as women or girls, and to define women or girls as female.  The right to talk about female biology without being compelled to change terminology to include male-bodied people, or women identifying as males wanting biological realities like pregnancy or menstruation to be disassociated from the female sex. With the trans lobbies diversity & inclusion audits in all Federal, State and Local governments we are losing the right to refuse the erasure of female specific language in media and all public discourse.

LGBQTIA+ policies are pushing for women to be called 'cis women' a subset of our own class or reduced to functions or body part owners. i.e. menstruators, cervix-havers, birthing people etc. 

Australians are unaware that the Prime Minister’s Office of the Federal Government  along with State and local governments have signed up to a compliance audit that directs their policies in line with gender identity or trans ideology. The audit is called 'the Australian Workplace Equality Index'. It's a checklist. On that checklist they need to remove gendered language throughout your documentation, forms, around speech, clothing and IT systems. And promote that practice to their third party suppliers, vendors or subordinates organisations. In AWEI these are points13, 16, 17 and 24.

There is a spill over effect to all corporations and organisations influenced by federal, state and local government. The consequences this aspect of gender ideology is being embedded into Australian public life.