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Women's rights have been eliminated or eroded in Australia

due to SELF-ID LAWS where men identifying as women remove all our rights we fought so hard for.

Originally most of these rights were taken by stealth as ‘gender’ replaced ‘sex’ in press council guidelines, sporting guidelines, government style guides and Acts. Or as federal, state, and local governments signed up to gender identity ideology audits, or influenced by special interest lobby groups (ACON, Rainbow Health Australia, Rainbow Families etc.) and, or States introduced Self-Id into legislation.

These rights were lost with little to no inclusion of all stakeholders; women, parents or homosexuals participating, or public discussion as a Democracy should warrant.



We lost the right to exclude male-bodied people from women-only shortlists, award schemes, grant programs

single sex space

We lost the right to disallow males into single-sex spaces for women and girls; toilets,  changing rooms, single-sex hospital wards, refuges, shelters, rape crisis services, prisons or any place that was formerly females only.

Single Sex sports

We lost the right to exclude males; men and boys from women’s sports, even where including males risks
injury for females.


Right to Associate

We lost the right for women to meet in order to debate, organise, advocate, and campaign for female specific interests, without risk of harassment, violence, prosecution or loss of income.

female erasure

We lost the right to

refer to female people as women or girls, and to define women or girls as female.


We lost the right to refuse to use female pronouns to refer to males – especially sexual abusers, rapists, domestic abusers, and violent attackers.

lesbians are women

We lost the right to exclude male people from the category ‘lesbian’ or woman

Data Corruption

We lost the right to have male crime recorded as male crime, and for journalists to falsely report male committed crimes as female.  Plus the elimination of data collection of sex-based inequalities.

Parenting Rights 

Mothers and fathers have no parental rights if schools choose to socially &/or medically transition your child. State state sanctioned ideology subjegating parental rights.

free speech

We lost the right to challenge and critique ideological concepts, policies and practices that negatively impact upon the human rights of female people.

Removing the legal right of women to free speech

related to sex roles and gender.

Exclusion of Women

We lost the right to be widely consulted about changes in policy and practice where there is a risk of negative impact upon the human rights of female people and the right to free speech

Sex not GEnder

Unlike any civil rights movement in history, the trans rights movement is dependent on the removal of the rights of women. Denying the reality of sex based differences, pushing the fiction of 'gender identity'.

Regain Women's Rights

We can have no rights for women if “woman” is not clearly defined in law. There needs to be clear definitions of homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, woman, and man, that are not tautological in logic but based on scientific evidence not subjective, unverifiable feelings.

 The word ‘gender’ needs to be replaced with the word ‘sex’ in the anti-discrimination act, and that sex is not conflated with ‘gender identity’ in law.


A statutory provision to declare that sex is the paramount protected characteristic and a halt to the presumption that ‘gender identity’ is paramount and displaces the protected characteristic of sex.

A statutory provision for funding, services and spaces that are provided for women be on the basis of their sex.


Definitions in Law

Sex Not Gender

Sex Protected

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